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Good Vibrations:

I am sitting in the back bench of a 1 ton, 15 passenger van rocketing down interstate 80 across Wyoming trying unsuccessfully to hold back the truck stop Arby’s roast beef that was my lunch / dinner. Last night I slept on a pillow that was as comfortable as a moist burrito, so things are a bit fuzzy today. Peripherals are on soft focus, like a bad power ballad video. It’s with this kind of brain that I just got through listening to a 2 ½ hour radio program on the scientific evidence of UFO’s (not aliens mind you, simply unidentified flying objects). Speaker and author Leslie Kean spoke about the 2006 Chicago O’Hare incident in which civilian eye reports, several pilots, crew & passengers, flight control tower and crew working on the tarmac all saw the same thing: a giant metallic disc displaced below an unusually low cloud formation roughly 1,500 feet high. It sat motionless and silent in the air for roughly 6 to 7 minutes before shooting straight up, cutting a perfect ‘cookie cutter’ round hole in the cloud and disappearing from sight. Her point, and one that I’m starting to agree with, is that aside from aliens, martians, or any sort of x-file type science fiction, the scientific community can’t and shouldn’t ignore the evidence that there are, in fact, unidentified flying objects out there in this world we live in and we should do all we can do to discover and understand what they are. Just simply acknowledging this would be huge.

Truth. I get it, and I like it. To confess our ignorance say “we don’t know what it is out there, but it’s out there” is a uniquely freeing thing. Up until a little over a few hundred years ago it was common knowledge, and accepted as fact that the world was flat. There’s something out there, we don’t know what it is, we don’t have a map of it yet, we don’t even know what to call it, but it’s out there. We are the flat earth people of our own time, although we don’t even know it while it’s happening.

Unidentified objects passing in and out of sight is a very common refrain, and an interesting one to think about at a time when I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about sound. Stick with me. Sound is just vibrations operating on a frequency range. Working in a non-linear recording studio you can see this happen in real time. A person sings and the waveforms recorded look like crooked pine trees and sideways tornados. Zoom in further and you can see the exact wave form of your own voice, a snare drum, guitar, they’re all unique waveforms. Vibrations.

Bat-shit crazy British author David Icke holds the theory that everything is sound. Everything is a vibration. Before going further, I think it was Aristotle who wrote, “it’s a truly intelligent mind that can entertain a thought without fully accepting it.” Indeed. Icke’s idea is that neither religion nor science is right, but are both close. In the beginning was the ‘word’. In the beginning was the ‘bang’. In his theory they’re both right. The ‘word’ and the ‘bang’ was the sound, the initial frequency, the starting vibration that holds the entire universe in place and continues on still in harmony. Below and above the frequencies of human sensory perception exists all things that humans can’t and probably won’t understand. If all physical matter has a resonant frequency (think of the shattering wine glass and the opera singer in example), then it holds that everything is existing on a certain frequency. If we live and breathe on a frequency range that only resonates physical matter, then it stands to question that perhaps in the very space, or frequency range, we occupy there are other frequencies in place (infrasound, etc.) in which all that we cannot hope to comprehend resides. Just like tv waves, radio waves, cell phone data, microwaves, wi-fi, satellite transmissions, etc.. all share the same frequency ‘space’. Most UFO reports end with “and it just disappeared from sight”. Perhaps it was just passing out of the frequency range of our sight and sound, into another frequency range. 

There is a fascinating documentary called “Death by Design”.  I highly, highly recommend tracking it down and watching it twice. The film is about cell death. Like when your dead skin flakes off, cell death. The point of this documentary is that cells must die for life to truly happen. In the womb your hands are webbed, and it’s the cell death of the webbing between your fingers that give you the digits you have at birth. There are billions of cells constantly moving and dying by design inside of you every second. You are merely the host in which they carry out their orders. And here’s where it get’s weird. Turns out they are in fact ‘ordered’ to die. Told. You, go here and form the liver with these other cells, you cells go and die. Without cell death, there would be no life. But it’s the ‘told’ part that struck me. Cells communicate these orders much like you and I communicate. Vibrations operating on a frequency range. If the very microscopic cells we are made of are communicating with vibrations via a frequency range, what else is happening on other frequencies outside our perception?

Like the fish can’t see the water it’s swimming in, we can’t possibly see what we’re swimming in either. I don’t know what’s out there outside of the human sensory frequency range, but I’m starting to feel myself distancing from flat earth thinking. We don’t know what it does, or have a map for it, but it’s out there.

An interesting thought to entertain.

This is the kind of wave that I’m on.

amps for tour:

amps for tour:

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This is what I’m like when I get behind a microphone.

April Residency Songs:

Got a lot of emails asking about what songs we played during our April residency, so here they are:

Blue Giant Songs:
Gone For Good
The Game
Reasons To Cry
The Void Above The Sky
When Will The Sun Shine?
Clean The Clock
Run Rabbit Run
Blue Sunshine
Target Heart
Lonely Girl
Wasted Time
Long Gone 

Cover Tunes:
It Don’t Come Easy - Ringo
Goin Back - The Byrds
Devil In Disguise - Flying Burrito Bros.
Are You Ready For The Country - Neil Young
End Of The Line - Traveling Wilburys
Wasn’t Born To Follow - The Byrds 

Songs Played With Guests:
Driving On 9 - The Breeders (w/ Kate & Annalisa)
Those Memories - Dolly Parton (w/ Kate & Annalisa)
Sunny Side of the Mountain - Carter Family (w/ Kate & Annalisa)
Steel Guitar Rag - Jimmy Day (w/ Kate & Annalisa)
I Live For You - George Harrison (w/ Isreal Nebeker & Chris Funk)
Don’t Take It Too Bad - Townes Van Zant (w/ Isreal Nebeker & Chris Funk)
Two Towns From Me - Blind Pilot (w/ Isreal Nebeker & Chris Funk)
I Buried A Bone - Blind Pilot (w/ Isreal Nebeker & Chris Funk)

72 plays

Here’s a new song we wrote & demoed a few days ago on my iPhone (!!). For now it’s called “And Love Again”. Kinda like it. It’s fitting for my new springtime vibe.

This sucker is our debut album cover. Epic. The print below was the actual wood press of the band logo. 

This sucker is our debut album cover. Epic. The print below was the actual wood press of the band logo. 

fruit bat tour set list:

the game
target heart
lonely girl
when will the sun shine?
wasn’t born to follow
run rabbit run
blue sunshine
clean the clock

54 plays

A new 4 track demo. We’ve been busting out the cassettes lately & enjoying the familiar hiss. This is a tune Anita and I have been kicking around for a while.
Sad, but I dig it.